What is a Japa Maid?

A Japa Maid is a type of domestic help that is commonly found in Indian households who offer postpartum care to the new mothers as well as their newborns. The word "japa" is referred to a period of confinement that new mothers are encouraged to observe after their delivery. During this period, the Japa Maid basically assists them with household chores, cooks nutritious meals, and provides support to the mother and the child. They also offer massages and other traditional postpartum care practices. The Japa Maid is typically hired for a period of 40-45 days or more after the birth of the baby.

Who needs Japa Maid in Kolkata?

Japa Maid services are usually sought by new mothers who need support during the postpartum period. This period is critical and tough for the mother's physical and emotional recovery after childbirth, as well as for the newborn's well-being. Japa care services are particularly helpful for mothers who do not have family support or live far from their families. They are also useful for working mothers who need extra help with household chores and caring for their newborn. Japa Maid services can benefit any new mother who wants to ensure a smooth transition into motherhood and recovery after giving birth.

What does a Japa do?

A Japa maid, also known as a postpartum caregiver, basically provides support and care for a new mother and her newborn during the postpartum period. This may include providing assistance with household chores, cooking nutritious meals, and taking care of the baby so that the mother can rest and recover. A Japa Maid also provides post delivery massage for the mother and other traditional postpartum care practices, such as herbal baths or wraps. They provide breastfeeding support, help with diaper changes and bathing the baby, and monitor the baby's health and development. Overall, a Japa Maid provides both physical and emotional support to the new mothers and their babies during this critical period.

Some japa maida are also hired for pregnancy care services like for nurturing massage for pregnancy or pregnant mother massage.

Different types of Japa Maid:

A Japa Maid is a trained professional who offers postpartum care and support to new mothers and their newborns. However, there are different types of Japa Maid services available. And they are discussed below.

Japa Lady :

A Japa Lady is an experienced and trained caregiver who provides support and care to the new mother and her newborn during the postpartum period. They give assistance with household chores, cooking, and caring for the baby, as well as offer all sorts of general postpartum care practices.

Japa Tutors :

Japa Tutors are the Japa women who give guidance and support for new mothers who need help with things like breastfeeding, infant care, and need quick postpartum recovery. They may have additional training and experience in lactation support and newborn care.

Japa Nanny: :

A Japa Nanny is the one who focuses primarily on caring for the newborn. They provide assistance to the new mothers with things like breastfeeding, diaper changes, bathing, and other aspects of infant care. Most of them also have experience with sleep training and other techniques to help the baby adjust to life outside the womb.

What Type of Japa Services Do You Provide? :

Sonama Aya Centre is a home care agency that provides a range of Japa Maid services to new mothers and their babies. Our Japa Maids are experienced and trained professionals who offer traditional postpartum care practices, as well as assistance with household chores, cooking, and caring for the baby.
Our Japa Maids are trained to follow traditional practices that have been passed down for generations, including massage, herbal baths, and dietary restrictions. They are knowledgeable about the physical and emotional changes that occur during the postpartum period, and are able to provide guidance and support to new mothers who may be struggling with postpartum recovery.

In addition to traditional postpartum care practices, our Japa Maids are also trained to provide assistance with household chores and cooking. They can help with cleaning, laundry, and cooking meals for the family, allowing new mothers to focus on their recovery and caring for their baby.
Our Japa Maids are also trained in infant care, and can provide assistance with feeding, bathing, and diaper changing. They can offer guidance and support to new mothers who may be struggling with breastfeeding, and can help with the transition to bottle feeding if needed.
At Sonama Aya Centre, a reliable and reputed Japa maid agency in Kolkata, we understand that every family is unique, and we offer customized Japa Maid services to meet the specific needs of each family. Our Japa Maids are available for short-term or long-term assignments, depending on the needs of the family. We strive to provide high-quality care and support to new mothers and their babies, ensuring a smooth and healthy transition to motherhood.

How can you hire Japa maids from the sonama aya centre?

To hire Japa maids from the Sonama Aya Centre, a trusted Japa maid service provider in Kolkata, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Sonama Aya Centre or call their customer service number to inquire about their Japa maid services.
  • Discuss your requirements and preferences with their representative. This includes the type of Japa maid you need, the duration of services, and any specific qualifications or experience you are looking for.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Japa maid for an initial interview. You can ask any questions you have about their experience, qualifications, and work ethics.
  • If you are satisfied with the Japa maid's interview, discuss the terms and conditions of the services, including the charges and payment schedule, with the Sonama Aya Centre, a well known japa maid centre in Kolkata.
  • After finalizing the agreement, you can sign the contract and start availing their services. The Sonama Aya Centre, one of the most reliable agencies for japa maid in Kolkata, will ensure that the Japa maid arrives on time and provides quality services as per your requirements.

Why Choose Our Japa Maid Service-

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Japa at home?

A. The duties and responsibilities of a Japa at home include taking care of the newborn baby and the mother. This includes providing personal care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding the baby, as well as performing household tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. The Japa also provides emotional and physical support to the mother during the postpartum period, helping her recover from childbirth and adjust to the new responsibilities of motherhood. The Japa may also offer advice on newborn care and assist with breastfeeding, if needed. Overall, the Japa's main goal is to ensure the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby.

Is it useful to hire a Japa maid?

A. Yes, it can be useful to hire a Japa maid, especially for new mothers who need assistance with newborn care and postpartum recovery. The Japa maid provides personalized care and support, allowing the mother to focus on her recovery and bond with her baby. The Japa maid is trained in newborn care and can offer advice and guidance on breastfeeding, baby sleep patterns, and other important aspects of caring for a newborn. Additionally, the Japa maid can help with household tasks, allowing the mother to rest and recover without worrying about domestic responsibilities.

How to choose the right Japa service for your child?

A. When choosing a Japa service for your child, it is important to consider factors such as the reputation and experience of the service provider, their availability and flexibility to meet your specific needs, the qualifications and training of their Japa maids, their rates and fees, and any additional services they may offer such as tutoring or nanny services. It is also important to do your own research and ask for references or recommendations from other parents who have used their services.

What if it Doesn't Work Out with the Japa Hired?

A. If it doesn't work out with the Japa hired, you are free to communicate with us anytime. We will arrange for a replacement policy or will address your concerns and find a better fit for your needs. It is important to be clear about your expectations and requirements upfront and ensure that the Japa understands them. Regular check-ins and important feedback can also help to ensure that the arrangement is working well for you and us.

What is the difference between Japa or Nanny and a Baby Sitter?

The main difference between a Japa or Nanny and a Baby Sitter is their scope of work. A Japa or Nanny is responsible for taking care of the child's daily needs, such as feeding, bathing, diaper changes, and engaging in activities to help with the child's development. They also provide emotional support to the child and establish a bond with the family. On the other hand, a babysitter primarily takes care of the child's safety and well-being while the parents are away and may not have the same level of involvement in the child's daily routine and development.

What is Full-time and part-time Nanny Service?

A. Full-time nanny service is referred to hiring a nanny who will work for the family for the entire day and take care of the child's needs for a longer duration. On the other hand, part-time nanny service, refers to hiring a nanny for a specific duration, such as a few hours per day or a few days per week, to take care of the child's needs. The choice between full-time and part-time nanny service mainly depends on the specific needs and preferences of the mother or the family.

How much does the japa maid charges?

A. Well, the pricing of japa maid services or japa maid costs may vary depending on the location, agency, and level of expertise required. It's best to contact us at Sonama Aya Centre to inquire about the rates and service packages. Contact us anytime to enquire about the japa maid price.

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