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Not Just a Maid, But a Support System For Your House

Our objective is to offer a comprehensive selection of household support personnel to ensure the seamless operation of your home. Our team of experienced, validated, and reliable domestic aides is dedicated to assisting you.

Qualities of a Maid

  • Reliability: A top-notch maid exhibits unwavering reliability by consistently fulfilling their responsibilities with punctuality and diligence. Their dependability is crucial in maintaining a well-organized and efficient household environment. You can look for a reliable maid agency for trusted maids for your needs.
  • Attention to Detail: A skilled maid pays meticulous attention to every task, ensuring that even the smallest details are well-taken care of. This quality guarantees that the living space remains clean, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing, creating a comfortable atmosphere for the residents.
  • Adaptability: An exceptional maid possesses adaptability, enabling them to handle a diverse range of tasks and situations. Whether it's accommodating last-minute requests or adjusting their cleaning approach based on specific needs, their flexibility is indispensable in meeting household requirements.
  • Trustworthiness: Trust is paramount in the relationship between a maid and the residents. A trustworthy maid maintains the confidentiality of private matters, respects personal boundaries, and handles household items with care, instilling confidence in the family's security.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is key for a maid to understand and fulfill the household's expectations. A good maid listens attentively, asks clarifying questions when needed, and communicates openly about their availability, concerns, and progress, ensuring a harmonious working relationship with the family.

Types of maid

Cooking Maid: 

A cooking maid specializes in preparing delicious meals and managing the kitchen. They ensure your meals are prepared to your liking and dietary preferences, making your dining experience enjoyable and convenient. If you're in Kolkata, you can find a suitable maid for cooking through a full-time maid agency in the city, offering expert culinary services.

Cleaning or Housekeeping Maid: 

Cleaning maids, or housekeeping maids or maids for cleaning services, keep your home tidy and organized. They handle cleaning chores such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, and laundry, ensuring a comfortable living space.

Consider reaching out to a full-time home maid agency in Kolkata to hire a dedicated cleaning maid to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Maid for Travel: 

A travel maid assists you during trips, managing packing, organizing travel essentials, and providing support during your journey. When searching for a travel maid, consider engaging a reputable full-time maid agency in Kolkata that offers travel-related services.

Male Maid / Female Maid: 

Male and female maids offer the same range of services, but you can choose based on your personal comfort and requirements. Trusted full-time maid agencies in Kolkata can help you find a male or female maid who suits your preferences.

Special Occasions Maid: 

Special occasions maids help with event preparations, setting up, serving guests, and cleaning up afterward. If you're hosting an event in Kolkata, connect with a full-time maid agency to hire a specialized maid for the occasion.

Househelp Maid: 

Househelp maids offer comprehensive assistance with various household tasks, providing support wherever needed. To find a reliable househelp maid in Kolkata, consider contacting a full-time house maid agency that provides a range of services.

Married Couple Maid: 

A married couple maid duo provides combined services for cooking, cleaning, and household management. They often work together to efficiently handle tasks. You can find such couples through a full-time maid agency in Kolkata.

Maid for Daily Needs: 

A maid for daily needs assists with regular tasks like meal preparation, cleaning, and running errands. To find a maid who can cater to your daily requirements, consult a reputable full-time maid agency in Kolkata.

Maid for Household Pets:

If you have pets, a maid specializing in pet care can help with feeding, grooming, and maintaining a clean pet environment. In Kolkata, you can seek assistance from a full-time maid agency that understands your pets' needs.

Baby Care Maid: 

A full-time maid for baby care offers dedicated assistance in looking after your infant, ensuring their safety, feeding, and maintaining a nurturing environment. Look for specialized baby care maids through established providers for full-time maid services in Kolkata.

Elderly Care Maid: 

Maids for elderly care provide compassionate support for seniors, assisting with daily activities, medication reminders, and companionship. To find a reliable maid for elderly care, reach out to a respected full-time maid agency in Kolkata.

Maid for Patient Care: 

Maids specializing in patient care offer assistance to individuals dealing with health issues, aiding in tasks like medication management, mobility support, and maintaining hygiene. Connect with a reputable nurse maid agency in Kolkata for suitable patient care services.

Garden Maintenance Maid: 

Garden maintenance maids help in taking care of your outdoor spaces, including planting, watering, and keeping the garden tidy. If you need assistance with garden upkeep in Kolkata, consider consulting the best maid agency that offers garden maintenance services.

Timings for maid services: -

12 Hours Maid: 

If you need maid services for a specific duration, a 12-hour arrangement can cater to your needs. This option offers flexibility and covers a substantial portion of the day's requirements. Reach out to a reliable maid service agency, maid bureau, or Indian maid agency to hire skilled professionals for this timeframe.

24 Hours Maid: 

For round-the-clock assistance, a 24-hour maid service ensures continuous support with household tasks and care. This is especially beneficial for those who require constant help or supervision. A trustworthy maid servant agency offers 24-hour options to accommodate your preferences.

Weekdays Maid: 

If you require help during the workweek, you can opt for maid services on weekdays. This arrangement assists you with daily chores while allowing you to manage your own tasks effectively. To hire a skilled maid during weekdays, consult a reputable maid provider agency or Indian maid agency.

Weekend Maid:

Weekend maid services are designed for those who seek assistance with household tasks specifically on Saturdays and Sundays. This offers a convenient solution to balance work and leisure while ensuring a well-maintained home. Reach out to trusted Indian maid agencies or maid service agencies for weekend support.

8 Hours Daily Maid: 

Ideal for a standard workday, an 8-hour daily maid service provides help with cleaning, cooking, and other tasks during regular business hours. Reliable maid provider agencies or Indian maid bureaus can connect you with skilled professionals for this timeframe.

12 Hours Daily Maid: 

This option offers extended support during the day, ensuring that your household tasks are well-handled. A 12-hour daily maid service is suitable for individuals seeking comprehensive assistance for an extended period. Connect with established maid service agencies or Indian maid agencies for skilled professionals.

24x7 Maid Agency / Full Time Maid: 

If you require continuous, full-time assistance, a 24x7 maid agency is your solution. These agencies provide round-the-clock services,ensuring that your needs are met at any time. For constant support, consider partnering with reputable full-time Indian maid agencies or maid service agencies.

Part Time Maid: 

Part-time maid services offer flexibility for those who need assistance for a few hours a day or a few days a week. This option caters to varying schedules and tasks, making it convenient for your specific requirements. Reach out to reliable Indian maid agencies, maid bureaus, or hire maid agencies for skilled part-time professionals.

Service area

Maid agencies like Sonama Aya Centre typically operate within a specific geographic area, offering their services to clients seeking domestic help. This service area is defined by the agency's location and any agreements they have with clients. It's important to inquire about their coverage before engaging in their services.

Why choose sonama aya centre

  • ISO Certification: Sonama Aya Centre, a leading domestic maid agency, stands out with its ISO certification, assuring clients of its high standards and professionalism.
  • Quick and Safety: As a reliable 24/7 maid agency, Sonama prioritizes swift placements while maintaining stringent safety measures for trustworthy in-house maid services.
  • Security: With thorough document verification and identity checks, the agency ensures the security of households through trusted house helps.
  • Document Verification: Sonama Aya Centre, an agent for house maids, employs rigorous document checks to verify the authenticity and legality of domestic staff.
  • Identity Check: Potential maids undergo strict identity checks, enhancing the agency's reputation as a secure and trustworthy house helps maids bureau.
  • In-person Interview: In-person interviews help match clients with suitable full-time maids services, maintaining a high level of quality and compatibility.
  • Training Session: The agency's training sessions ensure home care maid services are skilled and proficient, contributing to a high-quality experience for clients.
  • High Quality: Sonama Aya Centre maintains its reputation as a domestic maid agency known for high-quality placements that align with clients' needs.
  • Free Replacement: The agency's strong ethics are evident through its provision of free replacements, demonstrating a commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Strong Ethics: Sonama Aya Centre, a top 24 hour maid agency, operates with strong ethical values, fostering transparency and honesty in its services.
  • Multiple Options: Clients benefit from multiple house help options, demonstrating the agency's commitment to catering to diverse preferences.
  • Custom Wrapped Mobile Covers: Beyond traditional services, Sonama Aya Centre offers unique offerings like custom mobile covers, showcasing its versatility.
  • Wide Range of Services: Known for its reliability as a house helps maids bureau, Sonama Aya Centre offers a wide range of services to accommodate various needs.
  • Complete Peace of Mind: Clients enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that their in-house maid service is backed by meticulous vetting and quality assurance.
  • Cost-effective: Sonama Aya Centre provides cost-effective solutions, aligning affordability with top-tier domestic care, making it the best choice for those seeking reliable home care maid agencies.

How do I hire maid through Sonama aya centre?

  • Inquiry: Contact Sonama Aya Centre to express your interest in hiring a maid. Provide details about your requirements, such as services needed, schedule, and preferences.
  • Consultation: The agency will conduct a consultation to understand your needs better and recommend suitable options from their pool of trained and verified house help.
  • Selection: Based on your preferences, the agency presents multiple options for you to choose from. You can review profiles and discuss with them before making a decision.
  • Documentation: Once you've selected a maid, the agency will assist in completing the necessary documentation, including employment contracts and terms of service.
  • Placement: After completing the formalities, the chosen maid will be placed in your home. The agency will provide ongoing support, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for both you and the hired help.

Frequently Asked Questions of Our Domestic Maid Services

Do you provide verification of maid workers?

Yes, being a trusted maid agency can provide verification services for maid workers. These agencies conduct thorough background checks and ensure that the workers they recommend are reliable and qualified for the job. Working with such an agency can give you peace of mind when hiring household help.

How long can a candidate work at my place?

The length of time a maid from a professional maid agency can work at your place depends on various factors such as the terms of the contract, the maid's visa status, and your specific requirements. Typically, arrangements can range from temporary placements to long-term contracts, accommodating your needs.

What kind of work do the housemaids generally do ?

Housemaids hired through any part-time maid agency or overseas maid agency perform a range of tasks. These may include cleaning, cooking, laundry, childcare, and other household chores as needed. Their responsibilities can vary based on the terms of the contract and the specific requirements of the employer.

Are these maids literate?

Yes, many maids hired from any reliable agency for household maids are literate. Depending on their background and training, they may have varying levels of education and literacy. Some agencies prioritize candidates with literacy skills to ensure effective communication and adaptability to different tasks within the household environment.

From where these maids come ?

Full-time maids can come from various sources, including local communities or overseas countries. They are often recruited through agencies that specialize in domestic staffing like

Sonama Aya Centre. We, at Sonama Aya Centre facilitate the process of hire and find part-time or full-time maids based on the your requirements.

Do they have the experience of house hold work?

Maids associated with Sonama Aya Centre generally have experience in household work. Our agency ensure to vet and train candidates to make sure they possess the required skills.

However, you can verify the experience of individual candidates through the agency's screening process.

Do they take the holidays?

Most maids from our agency usually have scheduled holidays. The terms and frequency of holidays may vary based on the employment contract and agency policies. It's advisable to discuss holiday arrangements with the agency and the maid before finalizing the hiring process.

What happens if the maid provided to us is not up to the mark OR she wants to leave the job and go back?

If the provided maid doesn't meet expectations, reputable agencies like us often have provisions for replacements or adjustments. If the maid wants to leave, we can assist in finding a replacement or follow their policies for such situations. Communication with us is key to addressing these scenarios effectively.

What is the guarantee of the maid provided by the agency?

The guarantee for maids provided by us can vary. Reputable agencies often offer a trial period during which any issues can be addressed, and a replacement may be provided if needed. It's important to discuss the our guarantee policy and terms before hiring to ensure clarity and understanding.

What are the areas where you can provide the maid ?

We offer maid services in various areas including cleaning, cooking, childcare, elderly care, and more. You can discuss the specific tasks and services to match your requirements.

How do I proceed to get the maid from your agency?

Hiring a maid from our agency is simple now. Your can consider these steps below.

  • Contact: Reach out to our agency. Inquire about our process, fees, and available candidates.
  • Requirements: Discuss your needs and preferences for the maid's skills, duties, and schedule.
  • Screening: We will provide profiles of suitable candidates. Review these profiles and interview potential maids.
  • Documentation: Once you've chosen a maid, we will assist with paperwork, contracts, and legal requirements.
  • Finalize: If satisfied, finalize the employment terms and arrangements with us.

Is the salary of maid fixed or variable ?

The salary of a maid can vary based on factors like experience, skillset, job responsibilities, and the maid agency charges. Reputable maid agencies often provide transparent information about the costs and salary expectations. It's recommended to discuss and agree upon the salary with both the agency and the maid before finalising the hiring process.

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